San Antonio Liberty Gun Show AR-15 Giveaway

San Antonio Liberty Gun Show AR-15 Giveaway

AR 15



The San Antonio Liberty Gun Show is doing it again! We are having ANOTHER AR-15 Giveaway. The AR-15 giveaway will be held at our next show January 18th & 19th @ the Pedrotti’s Ranch off of 1604 & Hausman outside the loop.

If you wish to purchase additional tickets for additional chances to win you may do so at $1.00 per additional ticket.  Upon announcing the winner of the raffle all information submitted for the drawing including name phone number and e-mail address must be legible and correct.

Any inlegible or incorrect information submitted will result in an immediate disqualification for the chance to win the AR-15.  A firearms transfer background check is required prior to being awarded the prize, if a background check is not passed with in 24 hours this also merits a disqualification for the raffle.

For additional information on the give away please contact us at

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