Important Terms in Sports Betting

sports betting

There are several important terms in sports betting, but few people know how to use them effectively. The terms used are favorite and underdog. The former has a higher probability of winning, but is more likely to lose, and the latter is more risky. While the former is more lucrative, the risk involved in betting on an underdog is much higher, but the potential return is much greater. The underdog is also called a pick. A favorite has an advantage over the underdog.


With two-thirds of the states legalizing sports betting, the future is bright for the industry. There are currently 30 states that have legalized sports betting, and another three are mulling whether to enact legislation or hold a referendum. Most of the states are moving quickly, with one or two expected to have the full gamma of sports betting operations by the end of the year. The NFL and NBA have called for federal legislation to standardize regulations.


If legal sports betting is to thrive, state regulators will need to make the product more attractive to consumers and compete with the illicit market. To do so, state-level regulations should place an emphasis on compliance, market competitiveness, and cooperation among stakeholders. This can be achieved by adopting similar rules as the European Union, a region that is home to numerous gambling nations. Below are some suggestions for state regulators. Hopefully, these will result in more consumers, more money, and a thriving sports betting industry.

Money management

Sports betting involves managing your bankroll. Proper money management involves identifying good prices and learning to assess sports’ value. These are the basic steps of sports betting. In addition to setting your bankroll and risk tolerance, proper money management also involves understanding your betting history and strategies. Learn to apply these strategies and you can have a profitable betting experience. Follow these tips to help you win more bets and manage your bankroll with ease.

Point spread

Point spread is the term used to describe an arbitrary line placed between two teams’ odds to win. It is a statistical measure of the odds of a team winning and losing and is generally released well before the game. However, point spreads can change as teams perform differently in their upcoming games. This is especially true in sports with multiple games per week, such as soccer and football. A struggling team can fall as a favorite in the next game, lowering its point spread. It is therefore important to monitor point spreads closely.

Favorite and underdog

Aside from the obvious appeal of betting on the favorite, it’s important to know the difference between the underdog and favorite in sports betting. The underdog is the side that the sportsbook considers to have a lesser chance of winning than the favorite. Therefore, it will likely have higher payouts than the favorite. The best way to make an informed decision when making your sports betting decisions is by knowing the sports and the past results of the teams.