The Basics of Bonus Games in Slots

Bonus games in slots are almost always random, and usually involve selecting a number of boxes or treasure chests. Players need not be skilled in the game to win. Today’s slot machine designers are experimenting with elements of video games. Players may be able to trigger bonus games by landing a specific number of symbols or shooting aliens, which can increase the prize amount. In this article we look at the basics of bonus games in slots and their RTP.

Symbols on a slot machine

Slot machines have many symbols that vary depending on the theme of the game. These symbols are often represented by card symbols or fruit. They are the bread and butter of a slot machine and perform similar roles. The highest paying symbols are often scatters, which are represented by a specific graphic and will unlock bonus features when they appear on the screen. Here is a list of some of the most common slot symbols and their roles.

Some of the most common symbols on a slot machine are wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds. Wild symbols can replace any standard symbol on the reels. Their presence increases the chance of forming a winning combination. However, they will only pay for the highest winning combination. Therefore, stacked wilds should only be found in games that feature a bonus round. This can make the difference between a huge jackpot and a small win.


The Return To Player (RTP) rate shows what a game is expected to pay out after several spins. The variance of a slot game shows the odds of getting a big win or a small one regularly. Moreover, the variance is helpful in predicting patterns of winning and calculating risks. Hence, it’s an important factor to consider before playing any slot machine. Read on to know more about this concept.

The variance of a slot game can either be high or low. Generally, high variance games pay out small amounts frequently but are less likely to award large payouts. A low variance slot, on the other hand, pays out big wins rarely but has the same overall payout. If you want to know which slots to play, you should start by reading slot reviews. This way, you can identify games with high variance. Here are some tips for determining the variance of a slot game.

Bonus features

If you play a slot machine, you may be familiar with the term “bonus feature,” which refers to additional features that you can trigger during the game. The first slot machines didn’t have any bonus features at all, and their main purpose was to generate winning combinations by matching symbols. This simple, mechanical design made the game extremely boring and limited in terms of gameplay. But as software developers sought to improve the games and add variety, they started to incorporate more complicated mechanics into the game. Today, there are dozens of games with bonus features, and each one offers something different.

Bonus features of slot machines are mini-games that can increase the chances of winning combinations. While they don’t necessarily increase your winnings, they make the gameplay more exciting, and can lead to additional free spins and jackpots. Bonus rounds, stacking symbols, and free spins are all common examples of slot machine bonus features. Here is a breakdown of the main types of bonus features. To find the most popular types of bonus features, look for the icons shown in the paytable.


To calculate the RTP of slot games, you should first identify the slot’s RTP (return-to-player) percentage. This is the percentage of return to players over a period of time. Generally, a slot with a higher RTP is more profitable than one with a lower RTP. However, there are exceptions to this rule. In some cases, the RTP of a slot can be lower if the game has high in-game restrictions.

In a nutshell, a higher RTP of a slot means that it is more likely to pay out cash to players. This metric is calculated based on millions of spins over a period of time. However, you should not make this value your only factor when evaluating a slot’s quality. For instance, a low RTP could have a negative impact on its performance, with dead spins and longer times for bonus rounds.